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COOP Dimension



  • The writing scope covers aspects of theory, application and contemporary issues related to cooperatives.
  • The issues discussed must be up-to-date, relevant and follows current developments/trends.
  • The co-op dimension will be published three times a year in April, August, December.
  • Articles can be sent in the form of soft copy to the following email address:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./

Tel: 03-7964 9155

  • Each article submission will go through an evaluation process by the editorial board of Co-op Dimension through a meeting that will be held after all the articles are collected. The editorial board will provide comments and suggestions for improvement for each article.
  • The editorial board reserves the right to reject any article that does not conform to the concept of the Co-op Dimension.






Article must be written using the following format:

  • Programme            :      Microsoft Word
  • Font type               :      Times New Roman
  • Font size                :      12
  • Line spacing          :      1.5 spacing
  • Article must be written in Malay or English and must at least be at the length of 6 pages and does not exceed 8 pages. Total number of words must at least be 1500 words.
  • Main title must be written in uppercase.
  • Sub-title must be written in lower case except for the first letter of each word which must be written in uppercase.
  • All main and sub titles must be in bold.
  • Any attached photos must be attached in JPEG format.


All articles are owned by its writer and all submissions of articles to the secretariat is the writer’s responsibilities. The secretariat shall not be held accountable should there be any plagiarised content.

Name of writer along with Centre/Sector/Zone/Unit must be attached. Writers are to refer to the previous issued Co-op Dimension to avoid any repetition of titles and content in the article. A list of published article titles can be obtained from the secretariat.



Construction of an article

The list of contents that is required in a good article are as follows:

1. Title

2. Introduction

3. Discussion

4. Suggestion

5. Conclusion

6. Reference


Example of Reference

All articles must include reference. In-text reference and the list of reference must be presented using APA (American Psychology Association) style. (Author, Year)





Writing style is as follows:


Printed Book :

Name of Author. (Year). Title of Book. Location: Publisher.


Daresh, J.C. (2004). Beginning the assistant principalship: A practical guide for new school administrators. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Article from a Book: Artikel dalam Buku:

Name of Author. (Year). Topic title or chapter. Name of Editor (Eds.), Book Title (pp. Page). Location: Publisher.

 Pratt, D., & McGrew,W.C. (1998). The role of religion. In M. C.McLaren. Interpreting

cultural differences (pp.86-96). Norfolk: Peter Francis Publishers.

Electronic Book:

Name of Author. (Year). Title of Book. Retrived from http://www.xxxx


Shotton, M.A. (1989). Computer addiction?A study of computer dependency. Retrieved



 Edited Book:

Name of Author. (Ed.). (Year). Title of Book. Location: Publisher.

 Feldman, P.R.(Ed.). (1997). British women poets of the romantic era. Baltimore, MD:

Johns Hopkins University.



Jurnal :

Name of Author. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume (issue), page.

Kim, L.S. (2003). Multiple identities in a multicultural world: A Malaysian perspective. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, 2(3), 137-158.

Journal retrieved from the Internet:

Name of Author. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume (issue), page. Retrieved from


 Kim, L.S. (2003). Multiple identities in a multicultural world: A Malaysian perspective. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, 2(3), 137-158. Retrieved from


 Article from printed Magazine:

Name of Author. (Year, Month). Title of article. Title of Magazine, Volume (Issue), page.


Mehta,P.B. (1998, June). Exploding myths. New Republic, 57(5), 17-19.


Printed Newspaper:

Name of Author. (Year, Month, Day). Title of article. title of Newspaper, page.


Mehta,P.B. (1998, June 30). Exploding myths. The Star, pp.A1, 17-19.

Newspaper retrieved from the Internet:

Name of Author. (Year, Month, Day). Title of article. Newspaper Title. Retrieved from


Mehta,P.B. (1998, June 30). Exploding myths. The Star. Retrieved from


Seminar Paper/ Prosiding Paper/ Conference Paper:

Name of Presenter. (Year, Month). Title of paper. Paper was presented at  name of seminar/convention, Location.

Jodell,F.,Russell,F., Tepper,K.,Todd,P.& Zahora,T. (2009, September). Joined at the hip: Partnerships between librarians and learning skills advisers. Poster session presented at the International Congress of Medical Librarianship, Brisbane.


Name of Organisation. (Year). Title of Report. Location: Publisher.


 National Institute of Mental Health.(1990). Clinical training in serious mental illness (DHSS Publication No.ADM 90-1679).Washington,DC: U.S. Government Printing Office.



Ph.D. Disertation:

Name of Author. (Year). Title of thesis (unpublished Ph.D disertation). Name of Institution: Location


Wong, T.L.(2005). Changes in Chinese negotiation skills. (Unpublished Doctoral dissertation). University of Nottingham: Malaysia.


Internet Quotes:

Name of Author (Year). Title of article. Retrieved from

Stolberg, S.G.(1997). 10 tips on writing the living web. A list apart: for people who make websites, 149. Retrieved from




Private Communication:

This must be mentioned in text in the following form: (A.B. salleh, 30 May 2005, pers.comm.).

                                                                                                                                                   ATTACHMENT 1


Article Title (12 Bold)

Name of Author (12 pt)

Centre/Sector/Zone/Unit/Department Name (12 pt)

E-mail (12 pt)




  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Discussion
  • Suggestion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference


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